How To Start A Business

Navigate the process for starting a new business with expert guidance and support

Experienced Mentors

If you’re considering a business start-up but have zero experience in how to start a business, you need Oldhams Advisory. Starting a business is an enormous personal and financial commitment. Every business owner starts out envisaging their success but not all take the necessary steps to ensure this will eventuate.

The business mentoring and highly skilled advisory services provided by Oldhams  Advisory are designed to help both budding entrepreneurs and established business owners set themselves up for success.

Creating A New Business

Underneath the excitement of starting a new business, there is significant planning, strategising and structuring that needs to take place. In learning how to start a business you will need to dedicate significant time to:

Developing And Refining

Before deciding on products or progressing business ideas, thorough market research should be carried out. What is the competition? Is there a genuine need for what you will offer? How much opportunity is there for this business, is it a growth market or trend that may fizzle out?

Organise Your Finances

Ensure you have budgeted up to a year in advance and can meet all your financial obligations during this time. Success rarely comes overnight and failure to properly prepare financially can mean your business folds before it has a chance to grow.

As high-level accounting experts in addition to being business advisors, Oldhams Advisors can help you prepare an effective, realistic and workable budget. This is one of the best steps you can take when learning how to start a business.

Prepare Your Business Plan And Decide On Its Structure

Create a detailed business plan that outlines your goals for the year or years ahead. This plan should include your company description, market research, financial projections, marketing objectives, budgets and more.

You will also need to determine the organisational structure of your business, nominate which staff handle which tasks, the chain of command and a clear overview of all expectations

Negotiating External Services

What will your accounting systems look like? Do you require a point of sale (POS) system? Where do your supplies come from and how frequently? These external services are essential to the success of your business. Without them your service is compromised and you are unable to manage your finances or accept payments.

As experienced business advisors and mentors, Oldhams Advisory can help you navigate this process and make informed well-researched decisions.


Select new employees with care and give yourself plenty of lead time. Rushed staffing decisions can mean improper choices such as poorly skilled workers or a high rate of attrition. This can lead to time and money spent on additional training or inductions that set your budget and goals back.

Addressing Legal Responsibilities

Knowing how to start a business includes ensuring that you meet all your legal and tax obligations, these include but are not limited to:

  • The formal naming and registering of your business and payment of associated fees
  • Setting up and registering for an ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG.
  • Licensing applications
  • HR legislation such as anti-bullying and unfair dismissal
  • Formalising your business structure (sole trader, partnership, company, trust)
  • The privacy act and more.

At Oldhams Advisory we understand these obligations in-depth and are familiar with both the accurate completion and submission of all required documentation.

Expert Guidance When You Need It Most

At Oldhams Advisory we offer affordable business mentoring and management consultancy services designed to help your business not just survive but thrive. With decades of experience in business management and high-level accounting, we offer tailored services that are second to none. Simplifying and streamlining the entire process of how to start and run a successful business is what we do best.

We help you create a business that is successful, sustainable and structured for growth. Having worked with businesses of all sizes and across a range of industries, we have seen it all. This has given us an incredible knowledge base and diverse skill set that we use to teach new business owners the tools for success.

We are experts in complex problem solving, optimal accounting setups both for day to day running and taxation purposes while also offering genuine business mentoring services. We are passionate about the success of your business and dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.

Don’t be overwhelmed by how to start a business, start as you mean to go on and have a committed expert in your corner. Contact Oldhams Advisory today on 07 3188 5400.


Wow, I wish I’d known Glen when I was trying to start my business last year – it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble! Now that I have Glen onboard, his expert advice has helped me steer my business in a direction I never would have imagined and business is great. I couldn’t have done it without you, Glen. Thanks a million!

M. Birkdale

My business was in a downward spiral when I reached out to Glen for help. He restructured my entire business and business is picking up again. Glen has also provided very sound and practical advice on some pretty big decisions I needed to make. I’m looking forward to working with Glen as my business continues grows!

P. South Brisbane

Glen’s ability to see the “big picture” has helped me grow my business bigger than I ever thought was possible. His continued guidance makes all my business decisions so much easier!  Thanks, Glen. Cheers.

A. Hawthorne