Management Consulting

Gain new perspective and achieve greater business success

What Do Management Consultants Do?

Could your business benefit from a review of its operational or financial health? Truthfully every business can, this is where professional management consulting comes into play. No matter where you are at in the lifecycle of your business, the management consulting services offered by Oldhams Advisory can deliver you to new levels of success.

Similar to services provided by business advisors, management consulting works by delivering tailored, effective guidance and advice from industry professionals. Just like business mentoring, these consultants act as a valuable sounding board. However, they differ in that consulting is much more than simply providing advice; they also intervene and make professional recommendations.

Management consultants understand what it takes to run a successful business and have extensive experience in every aspect of doing so. A management consultant offers practical and involved support for business owners in three key areas.

Assessment And Objective Analyses

Gain invaluable perspective regarding your business from an unbiased third party. Your Oldhams Advisory consultant will carry out in-depth analysis and research on your business.

These insights will be provided in detail and can help you overcome complex issues and make important, educated decisions.

Project Management

Our highly experienced consultants work with senior leaders and their teams to provide leadership and guidance. This can involve support through all stages of a project from planning to implementation, execution and post-implementation review.

Functional Expertise And Specialist Skill Development

Your consultant will provide trusted industry counsel across a range of specialities with practical, actionable advice. Oldhams Advisory is highly skilled in the areas of:

  • Complex problem solving
  • Growth and long-term sustainability
  • Staff management such as policies, hiring and dismissal
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Special advisory for critical business decisions
  • Dispute resolution and decision making

A management consultant presents not only new perspectives but pushes you to reconsider and re-evaluate current practices. We are the ultimate devil's-advocate and work to create a beneficial and necessary shift in your business towards greater success.

Benefits Of Engaging A Management Consultant

A management consultant has some serious advantages over owners and managers when it comes to steering a business towards success.


For most business owners and managers, time is something they never have enough of. So much goes into every aspect of the day to day running of the business or managing a team that there is little time left for anything else.

A management consultant is solely engaged for the purpose of analysing and researching the components of a business that are often neglected. Giving them space to identify issues and work on effective solutions.

Fresh Perspective

It is impossible to gain the necessary perspective to resolve key issues as a manager or business owner from within the business. Management consulting brings in an unrelated party who independently researches your business and forms their own opinions and strategies.

They do not know what the client views as the issue or their suggested solutions and are therefore not influenced by them, leaving them free to develop an entirely new and effective strategy.

Find The Story Within The Data

You may feel your business is telling one story, but the data may show an entirely different narrative. Oldham Advisory’s expert consultant delves deeply into the data and analyses it in detail, finding opportunities and issues that need addressing. Allowing for a much more accurate report of where your business is at.


Being personally involved in a company, you will always be influenced by your own objectives and goals. Your bias will influence all your decision making no matter how much you try to remain impartial and could stop you from making positive progressions.

Superior Management Consulting

As a highly skilled and knowledgeable business advisor and management consultant, Glen Oldham provides unmatched, tailored support for small to medium sized businesses.

Oldhams Advisory has a genuine desire to see your business succeed. With decades of experience, Glen has seen it all, whether you need some more generalised consulting, an all out intervention or support through insolvency our management consulting services can help.

Understand your business in more depth and gain the necessary tools to take it to where you want it to be. Contact Oldhams Advisory today on (07) 3188 5400.


Wow, I wish I’d known Glen when I was trying to start my business last year – it would’ve saved me a lot of trouble! Now that I have Glen onboard, his expert advice has helped me steer my business in a direction I never would have imagined and business is great. I couldn’t have done it without you, Glen. Thanks a million!

M. Birkdale

My business was in a downward spiral when I reached out to Glen for help. He restructured my entire business and business is picking up again. Glen has also provided very sound and practical advice on some pretty big decisions I needed to make. I’m looking forward to working with Glen as my business continues grows!

P. South Brisbane

Glen’s ability to see the “big picture” has helped me grow my business bigger than I ever thought was possible. His continued guidance makes all my business decisions so much easier!  Thanks, Glen. Cheers.

A. Hawthorne